Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival

October 11-12, 2014
Sat, 10am-6pm – Sun, 10am-5pm


The intent of the Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival is to present world-class fine art, designed by artists that demonstrate innovation and originality. To achieve this, we challenge our applicants to exhibit the freshest and most exciting pieces from their body of work.

Best In Show: Richard Toft

Small Drawing - "Spring Tide"

Award of Excellence in Glass: Steve & Sherry Whorl

Stain Glass – "Cosmo"

Award of Excellence in Painting: Robert Carlson

Oil Painting - "Smurfit Stone, West Point"

Award of Honor: Jill Kerttula

Recycled Fabric - Blankets
The Patrons
Beautiful Colors
Live Music
Proud Artist

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Welcome to the Tenth Annual Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival!

October 11-12, 2014

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Unique Pottery
Detailed Tree
Reflective Art
Styron Square